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Experienced professionals can apply online for available positions.
Please refer to Our Businesses and Job Posting to search for positions that fit your Professional
background, area of interest and qualification.

Samsung Recruitment Website >

Recruitment process for entry-level candidates

Recruitment Process Image Apply online, Review of online applications, Interviews, Health Checkup and Job offer
  • Apply online
  • Review of online applications
  • Interviews
  • Health Checkup
  • Job offer

Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process
Process Information
Review of online
Results of the application review will be notified to the applicant within 2 weeks of the application. However, if there are no available job openings at the time, the application will be stored in a database for future reference.
Interviews Candidates will go through a technical interview (to test area of expertise) and a separate interview by Company directors.

Details of the interviews

Details of the interviews
Process Interviewer Method Key items to be evaluated
Department head
level panel
Individual interview Expertise, suitability for job position
Director-level panel Individual interviewer Basic character, fit with company culture