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Entry Level

entry level

We recruit competent and fresh talent that will lead the future of Samsung Securities. Your innovation will facilitate a prosperous future of Samsung. Individuals filled with humanity and morality! Individuals who trailblaze into the future based on their creativity and collaboration! Individuals who have a sense for international commerce and capability as a global citizen!


Recruitment for entry-level positions is held every first/second half of year.
Detailed announcements are posted in March/September.
For more information, refer to Job Openings or the Samsung Group recruitment website.

Samsung Recruitment Website >

Recruitment process for entry-level candidates

Recruitment process Image Apply online, Review of online applications, written examination(SSAT), Interviews(2rounds), Physical
  • Apply online
  • Review of online applications (Work Aptitude Evaluation)
  • Written examination(SSAT)
  • Interviews (3rounds)
  • Physical Examination
  • Job offer

Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process
Process Information
Review of online applications
(Work Aptitude Evaluation)
The candidate's application will be reviewed on a fair basis without discrimination between gender, age, and educational background.
The qualification of job applicants is evaluated with a strong focus on their work-related activities/experiences and written essays.
Interviews Job applicants undergo a series of interviews as follows: interview by executives; specialty interview; and creativity interview. Details of the interviews are as follows:

Details of the interviews

Details of the interviews
Process Interview Interviewer Method Key items to
Round1 Interview by
3 director-level
Individual interview lasting
around 30 minutes
Basic character and motivations
for applying, suitability with
Round2 Specialty interview 4 department
head-level panel
Individual interview
(10 to 30 minutes per person)
Problem-solving and job
performance abilities are appraised
Round3 Creativity interview 3 Staff
Officer-level panel
Individual interview
(10 to 30 minutes per person)
The ability to define and solve problems
from a new perspective is sought