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Membership Program

membership system

This is a special membership system that is exclusively available at Samsung Securities which cultivates customized PB for Samsung Securities, such as the Pre-PB course training and branch office training for approximately one year.

Samsung Securities' "Young Creator" is an undergraduate membership program for undergraduate students with outstanding abilities and skills in financing, seeking talents through competitions with no written tests and training selected students in finance and investment.


The competition is held at May, and the 1-year training course starts at July of each year.

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Recruitment process

Recruitment process Image Application, Paper Screening, Presentation Session and Membership
  • Application
  • Paper Screening
  • Presentation Session
  • Membership

Details of Recruitment process

Details of Recruitment process
Process Information
Application Applicants may apply for the program from a separate website to be announced
as a notice.
The main theme of the competition will differ each year.
Paper Screening Submitted papers will be reviewed fairly and objectively by judges.
Presentation Session Final winners will be selected after presentation and review by judges.

Selection Benefits

- The latest in the lap-top computers is given to those selected as 'Young Creator'
- Special treatment given at the time of hiring to those who have completed the 'Young Creator' course

Program details

- Basic Finance Training: provide diverse experience and on-the-job training in financial industry
* Pre-PB course, mock investment competition, etc.
- Samsung Rookie Training: cultivate core values, character, corporate/organization ethics, team spirit and loyalty
* Engage in team projects, publish magazines, etc.