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Reporting illegal activities

We strongly encourage you to report wrongful practices to us and want to listen to any concerns you might have about integrity. We will protect your anonymity and will confidentially process your report to the fullest extent possible. The corporate auditing team guarantees that you will not be subject to retaliation from your supervisors for reporting a suspected violation in good faith. Your cooperation is very much appreciated by the top management and forms the foundation of a transparent, honest and clean management culture.

Rewarding Informants on Irregularities or Improprieties
Samsung Securities employs many measures to maintain a high level of transparency in its business operations and corporate culture. One of the measures currently in force is the system of rewarding people for their reports of improper business transactions involving business partners or other stakeholders or of irregularities from which the Company can suffer a tangible or intangible loss.

  • Embezzling public funds of executives
    and employees and deposit money of
    customers and receiving bribes
  • Leaking internal confidential information
    or customers’ information
  • Double employment of executives and employees
  • Requesting stockdbds with the
    expectation of some reciprocity for
    the business of going public
  • Other violations of the Code of Ethics
  • Requesting money, gifts and treats and providing them by executives and employees
  • Demoralization including sexual harassment
  • Engaged in unfair equity participation in unlisted partners
  • Unfair work procedures for partners


The feedback on reporting illegal activities is given as soon as possible through phones or e-mails.
The information will be kept confidential and anonymous report is also possible.


  • E-mail : audit.secur@samsung.com
  • T E L : +82-2-2020-7960
  • F A X : +82-2-2020-8082
  • Address : Audit Team, Samsung Electronics Bldg., 11 Seocho-daero 74-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea (06620)