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Corporate Responsibility

Customer Satisfaction Sustainable Finance Guidelines
Social Responsibility in Finance

Social Responsibility in Finance

Socially-responsible investment is a global trend that is expanding in Europe, and recently, it has been showing a high rate of growth in North America and other emerging markets. Stewardship codes are anticipated to be introduced in Korea in accordance with new governmental policies, and a growing demand for corporate social responsibility exists in the form of heightened disclosure requirements among others.

KRW127.28 billion / Total Product Scale
KRW 58.03 billion / Governance
KRW 69.25 billion / Environmental

Governance Products

In response to corporate governance improvement efforts at home and abroad, Samsung Securities is searching for undervalued companies with exceptional governance and selling related funds. For newly-added funds in 2017, we included dividend payout ratios, governance improvements, and company-wide ESG levels in corporate evaluations.

(Unit: KRW billion)

Governance, 58.03
Samsung Governance Plus Specialized Private No. 1 (Equity) 28.85
Samsung Responsible Investment Securities Investment Trust No. 1 (Equity) 18.55
High Social Responsibility Securities Investment Trust (Equity) 0.49
ABL Corporate Value Enhancement Securities Investment Trust (Equity) 4.32
ABL Active SRI Securities Investment (Equity) A 0.28
SHBNPP Tops Beautiful SRI Asset Allocation Private No. 1 (Mixed) 1.71
SHBNPP Tops Beautiful SRI Securities Investment Trust 1 (Equity) 0.91
SHBNPP Tops Beautiful SRI Securities Investment No. 2 (Equity) 2.19
SHBNPP Corporate Governance Private Equity Investment No. 1 (Mixed) 0.62
SHBNPP Corporate Governance Private Equity Investment No. 1 (Equity) 0.11

Environmental Products

Samsung Securities offers products related to the environment (renewable energies, carbon credits, etc.) to raise awareness and reduce impacts attributable to climate change.

(Unit: KRW billion)

Environmental 69.25
Water, renewable energy 52.45
Samsung F&T Global Megatrend Specialized Investment H (Equity - Fund of Funds) C 43.89
Samsung F&T Global Megatrend Securities Holder H (Equity - Fund of Funds) 6.45
Samsung F&T Global Megatrend Securities Holder UH (Equity - Fund of Funds) 2.11
Water 2.73
Samsung Global Water Securities 1 (Equity - Fund of Funds) 2.61
Samsung Global Water Securities 2 (Equity - Fund of Funds) 0.10
Samsung Classic Global Water Pension Holder H (Equity - Fund of Funds) 0.02
Renewable Energy 3.03
Samsung Global Clean Energy 1 (Equity - Fund of Funds) 2.54
Samsung Global Clean Energy 2 (Equity - Fund of Funds) 0.03
Samsung Retirement Pension Global Clean Energy 40 Securities Holder 1(Bond-Mixed) 0.31
Samsung Retirement Pension Global Clean Energy 40 Securities Holder 1(Bond-Mixed) 0.05
Samsung Classic Global Clean Energy Pension Holder H (Equity - Fund of Funds) 0.10
Samsung Global Clean Energy 30 Securities No. 1 (FX Hedge) (Bond-Mixed) 0.0
Low Carbon 11.04
Korean Private Carbon Special Asset No. 1 Investment Company (Monetary Rights) 11.04
Talent Development and Enhancement of Work-Life Balance

Samsung Securities operates various programs that meet the HR recruitment, cultivation, evaluation and compensation, and post-retirement support needs according to its employees' lifecycles. Since employees' talent management is directly related to the company's competitiveness, Samsung Securities focuses on developing their professional expertise through active support for their efforts to develop their own specialty. In addition, the company strives to boost employee satisfaction and create a stable work environment by running various systems designed to enhance employee benefits and employees' work-family balance..

Talent Development and Enhancement of Work-Life Balance

Return to Work and Retention Rates after Parental Leave

  • 2014 : 92.1%
  • 2015 : 87.1%
  • 2016 : 93.2%
  • 2017 : 89.0%

Per-employee Average Training Expenses

  • 2014 : 1.42million
  • 2015 : 1.66million
  • 2016 : 1.96million
  • 2017 : 2.03million

Ratio of Female manager to all managers

  • 2014 : 21.6%
  • 2015 : 23.0%
  • 2016 : 23.3%
  • 2017 : 23.2%
Information Security

Samsung Securities recognizes that the establishment of an information security management system and its efficient operation are essential elements of management activities. It is implementing a series of activities designed to strengthen its customer information protection system. CISO, the Information Security Team, and the IT Security Team take the lead in protecting clients' personal information. As a preemptive response to privacy concerns, Samsung Securities acquired Personal Information Management System (PIMS) certification in 2018 as a continuation of our commitment to provide secure financial services following our Information Security management System (ISMS) certification in 2014.

PIMS/ISMS Certification

PIMS/ISMS Certification

  • PIMS : Korea Internet & Security Agency
  • ISMS : information security management system

Keeping Security Systems up to date

  • Detect and block malicious codes from all email
  • Block Internet access for non-business purposes
  • Physical network separation of Internet access at computer center to thwart hacking

Information Security Training Hours

  • 2014 : 14,781hrs
  • 2015 : 16,518hrs
  • 2016 : 16,374hrs
  • 2017 : 16,545hrs
Improving of Financial Accessibility

Samsung Securities provides a variety of customer services via our website, mobile app, and customer support center that eliminates the need for customer branch visits. Samsung Securities is actively responding to the rapidly-changing financial market and diverse needs of customers through new products and platforms based on innovative technologies.

Social Contribution

A Mobile Sales Support System

Samsung Securities developed a tablet-based mobile sales support system, to improve efficiency and mobility for the sales staff. POP Touch allows easy customer management, market and financial product data inquiries, and handling of work- related tasks so that sales staff can provide customers with faster and higher-quality service.


  • Opening of Ultra-Large Financial Centers
  • Improvement of Non-Face-to-Face Services
  • Expending venture capital investments

Expansion of Economics Education for Improved Financial Inclusion

table about Expansion of Economics Education for Improved Financial Inclusion
Education Programs Target Groups and Contents
· Elementary school students in grades 4 to 6 who attend local childcare centers after school
· Economics education curriculum centered on play and experience, themes relating to economics in real life
· Students in grades 4 to 6 who are either children of our clients or living in institutions where we volunteer our services regularly
· Programs that help children learn the basics of economics such as securities firms, currencies, managing their pocket money, and price theory
(Young +
· Teens aged 14 to 19
· Practical topics for teens such as life planning, savings and investments, risk management, credit management, and career planning
Customer Satisfaction

Samsung Securities places customer satisfaction as a top priority. We operate a customer-oriented management system that responds promptly to changes in customer needs. We listen to the voice of the customer (VOCs) through various channels, both online and offline.

VOC-Inspired Work Process Improvement Flow and VOC-Inspired Improvements

VOC-Inspired Work Process Improvement Flow

System and work process improvements and accumlation of new product-related suggestions in the comprehensive VOC system
Data analysis
Categorization of VOCs by VOC content, departments involved, required periods for actions, and VOC types
Work Improvement
Distribution of work improvement cases to employees and clients
Task Review
Implementation of improvement activities by the departments in charge

VOC-Inspired Improvements


  • Expansion of channels that can handle wire transfers of over KRW 100 million to minimize customer inconvenience
  • Integration of the retirement pension ledger and the exising ledger to improve customer convenience
  • Website restructuring and integrated MTS launch to enhance customer convenience


  • Change to investment ratio for retirement pension bond ETFs
  • Improved customer satisfaction via expansion of mobile services for KONEX and gold
  • Minimized customer inconvenience via improvement in overseas securities rights notification process