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Vision Maru

'Vision Maru' is an after-school study program helping youths from economically marginalized households in local communities develop and nurture their dreams.

Vision Maru provides career counseling, cultural activity, EQ development support as well as homework tutorial, all geared toward supporting the development of a sound mind and body.

Operation status

Operation status
  Branch No.1 Branch No.2 Branch No.3
Year opened 2012 2018 To be opened May, 2019
Location Wolguedong Nowon-gu, Seoul Daebang-dong Dongjoc-gu, Seoul
Facility name Wolgue General Social Welfare Center Daebang General Social Welfare Center


Vision Maru Programs
Program Content
Schoolwork tutorial
  • Study support on core courses
  • Foreign language skills development
Career counseling
  • Mentoring by employees and career aptitude evaluation
  • Job try-out and special presentation
  • Support for license acquisition and specialty aptitude course programs
Cultural activity
  • PC, movie, cultural activity rooms and other youth-specific spaces
  • Going to movies, plays, concerts, sports games and other cultural activities led by mentors
  • Private counseling for youths and parents