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Employee Social Contributions

'Nanumi' Volunteers

Samsung Securities ‘Nanumi’ Volunteers

Samsung Securities 'Nanumi' Volunteers is a community service program in which employees of each Head Office department and each branch office together form a team of volunteers on a monthly rotating basis and conduct a community service once a month.
Formed in 1995, the employee volunteer group has over 100 teams.

[Infants] Activities of caring for infants

In caring for infants of needy families, Nanumi volunteers collect and donate bay formulas, diapers and other related materials on a monthly basis and conduct various activities, including taking select infants to amusement parks, aquariums and other outdoor places in spring and in fall, that center on the development of infants' sense organs.

[Children] 'Let's Play with Culture' for children of local community centers

Nanumi volunteers also take children of local community centers to art galleries or museums on a monthly basis, focusing on helping the children develop a healthy attitude toward society in general, and, through interactions with the volunteer themselves, toward responsible social members in particular.

[Seniors] Delivering lunch to elderlies living alone

Another Nanumi volunteer activity is delivering lunch to elderlies living alone in nearby areas. This once-a-month activity also serves as a source of priceless reward for the volunteers whenever they see genuine smiles on the face of the elderlies welcoming their monthly visitors.

[The environment] Helping improve local environment

Also once a month, Nanumi volunteers take part in restoring the ecosystem of a small river in Seoul in cooperation with a local district volunteer center. By removing invasive plants and throwing EM (effective micro-organisms) mud-balls into the river, the volunteers not only helps improve the river's water quality but also learns about the intricacy of the ecosystem.

[Education] Financial Academy

Financial education is another area of Nunumi activity. For children of affiliated community centers and schools as well as of Samsung Securities customers, Nunumi volunteers operate Financial Academy, a product of employee skill donations and contents of Financial Education For Youth, Samsung Securities' leading social contribution program.

'Nanumi' Fund

Nanumi Fund, an employee funding project

Samsung Securities employees contribute a fixed amount every month to 'Nanumi' Fund, an employee funding project. Employee donations plus a matching amount from the Company are used to fund social activities at home and abroad.

*Match grant system
A system in which a company matches employee donations as a way to induce employee participation in social contributions.

'Children' s Vision Maru', improving community children' s centers

A project helping repair/upgrade of and supplying needed materials to deteriorating community children' s centers

Happy Cook', a food volunteer program for needy children

A project funding the feeding of children from marginalized groups and helping older students be self-sufficient in cooking for themselves while at school

'Vision Maru', helping youths with schoolwork

Helping youths from marginalized groups with their schoolwork, career planning, cultural activity participation

'Heart Funding', a program funding employee-selected social activities

A special campaign financially supporting the operation of employee-selected cases addressing social issues