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Corporate Governance Structure

A corporate governance structure provides a window through which outsiders can assess the transparency and efficiency of the management of a business and plays a key role in enhancing the investor confidence and corporate value of the business.

Samsung Securities seeks to become a corporation of trust through establishment of a healthy corporate governance structure. Accordingly, the Company has devised "Corporate Governance Charter of Samsung Securities" which consists of five articles and 20 detail parts, preceded by a full text expressing the Company's basic philosophy of corporate governance.

For detail information, visit the CGS at www.cgs.co.kr.

Samsung Securities Corporate Governance status

Samsung Securities Corporate Governance status
Item Passed Note
Employee ethics establishment O -
Board of directors(BOD)
composition (outside director 60.0%)
O 2 inside directors and 3 outside
directors (as of 2019.03.29)
BOD operation rules establishment O Established BOD rules
Regular BOD meetings O Holds “regular BOD meeting” once a quarter
Committee to fairly recommend BOD candidates O Established the director recommendation committee
Liability insurance for directors out of company expenses O Signed up for Director’s & Officer’s Liability Insurance
Audit committee O 3 outside directors (including financial/accounting expert)
Audit committee meeting O Holds “regular audit committee meeting”
once a quarter
Independency of external auditor O -
Clear confirmation on business reports and others O Confirmed by CEO and executive in charge
Explanation about differences with best practice O Explained on the website
* Entire Charter may be downloaded in a PDF file.Download Entire Charter in PDF file
* Entire Articles of Incorporation may be downloaded in a PDF file.Download Entire Articles of Incorporation in PDF file