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Green Management

Samsung Securities has a variety of green investment products to help elicit public engagement in environmental problems and contribute to solving those problems such as climate change. We actively invest in SRI funds based on the results of social responsibility evaluation and business areas relevant to environmental impact such as clean energy and carbon credits in an effort to take the lead in creating a responsible investment culture that can contribute to solving social and environmental issues. We will continue to make efforts in fulfilling our social responsibilities as a financial company and induce investment in developing and expanding eco-friendly technologies.

Balance of Major Sustainability Management Financial Products (KRW in billions)

Environment Funds

table about Environment Funds
Samsung Pictet Global Mega Trend Fund Samsung Global Clean Energy Fund
Analyze mega trends in the economic, social,
environmental, and technological areas including
population shifts, polarization, and globalization
and thus create investment opportunities

·Invest in 8 themes including agriculture, clean energy,
and water (resources)
Invest in companies that manage businesses
related to alternative energy, which is a future
growth engine

·Investments related to energy efficiency, low-carbon
energy, renewable energy.

Fund Balance

table of Fund Balance
Fund Balance (KRW 100 million)
Samsung Pictet Global Mega Trend Securities Master Investment Trust-Equity-FoF H (equity - fund of funds) C 203.4
Korea Private Placement Carbon Special Assets Investment Fund 1 (monetary rights) 114.6
Samsung Global Water Securities 1 (equity - fund of funds) 83.7
Allianz Value Creation Long-Term Equity Fund (equity) 63.8
SHBNPP Corporate Governance Security Feeder (equity) 63.2
SHBNPP Corporate Governance Asset Allocation Equity Fund ( 41.1
Samsung F · T Global Megatrend Securities Holder H (equity - fund of funds) 34.9
Samsung Global Clean Energy 1 (equity - fund of funds) 26.2
Samsung Pictet Global Mega Trend Securities Master Investment Trust-Equity FoF UH (equity - fund of funds) 25.1
Shinhan BNPP Corporate Governance Securities Master Investment Trust-Equity 1 (mixed) 15.0

Responsible Investment
Operation Size

KRW 69.4 billion A total of 20 products

* Funds with a balance of over KRW 1 billion(2016.12.31)