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Communication with Stakeholders

Stakeholder emgagement ang commumication channels, Samsung Securities not only has direct and indirect impacts on a diverse range of stakeholders, but also experiences the impact they have on the company. Indeed, all of the company's business processes are closely linked to value creation for its stakeholders

In all its businesses, Samsung Securities strives to create value that benefits its stakeholders. Management actively communicates with stakeholders, and factors in their interests in decision making.

Table about Our Stakeholders and Activities and Communication and Expetiations
Our Stakeholders Activities and Promotion Direction Communication Expectations
Clients We practice client-centered management
through continuous communication with our clients.
  • VOC and CS surveys
  • Meetings
  • Protection of customers' privacy
  • Increased customer satisfaction
Shareholders We regularly communicate with our
shareholders through shareholders'
meetings to share our
management status and issues
with them.
  • Shareholders meetings
  • IR activities
  • Enhanced shareholder values
  • Sound corporate governance
Government agencies
and business partners
We fully comply with the government's
oversight and regulations
while maintaining a relationship
of mutual growth with our partners.
  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Legal compliance
  • Ethical management
Local communities
and NGOs
We contribute to the development of local
communities through diverse social contribution activities.
  • Volunteer corps
  • Nanumi Fund
  • Support of low-income groups
  • Local community investments
Employees We hire and cultivate talented people
based on open recruitment, specialized training, and systematic welfare.
  • VOE
  • Multidimensional
  • Fair compensation
  • Self-development and welfare
Next generations As a corporate citizen, we carry out
various activities designed to promote
the healthy rowth of future generations
and to create a prosperous future.
  • YAHO Volunteer Group
  • Youth Economics Academy
  • Youth education
  • Green investments