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Composition of Board of Directors

Board of Directors summary and authority

Samsung Securities believes that good corporate governance is the basis of corporate competitiveness and long-term growth. Based on such belief, we continue to make efforts to enhance trust in our corporate management through reasonable decision-making based on transparent and fair procedures, and ultimately to meet our goals of corporate growth and development, and maximization of stockholder interests.

BOD composition

Sung Jin Kim, Outside Director (designated at 24th, March 2017, tenure of two year)
Diversity of Board Principle Independence Statement

(as of March 29th, 2019)

BOD composition
Name Executive/Non-Executive Position Profile Appointment date/
expiration date
Term of office
Executive Representative
Head of Management Support Division
  • Head of Product Strategy Unit
  • Head of Strategy/Human Resources Unit
Shareholders' meeting date
3 year
Hun Sa
Executive Head of WM Division
  • Head of Institutional Business Unit
  • Head of Wholesale Division
Shareholders' meeting date
3 year
Kyun Jeong
Non-Executive -
  • Ministry of Finance and Economy
  • Korea Center for International Finance
  • Head of World Futures Forum
Shareholders' meeting date
3 year
Seop Rhee
Non-Executive -
  • Professor of the Graduate School of International Studies of Seoul national University
  • Head of International Finance Association
  • Director of the Institute of Finance and Economy at Seoul National University
Shareholders' meeting date
3 year
Hyun Ahn
Non-Executive -
  • Professor of the Department of Economics at Seoul National University
  • Director of the Korea Capital Market Institute
  • Member of the Public Fund Management Committee
Shareholders' meeting date
3 year
Composition of Board of Directors
Total number
of directors
5 Non-executive directors 3 Share of non-executive directors 60%