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Samsung Securities photo, Samsung Securities is

Samsung Securities, the leading Korean Financial Investment Company

Samsung Securities provides personalized asset management service to individual investors through market-leading products and solutions, while providing the best brokerage service based to institutional investors based on competitive research and IT capabilities. As Korea's no.1 house bank, our extensive experience in deals and networking allows us to provide comprehensive financial solutions to corporate. By continuously being ranked first place among securities companies researched by Korea's top 3 customer satisfaction surveys, namely NCSI (National Customer Satisfaction Index), KS-SQI (Korean Standard Service Quality Index) and KCSI (Korean Customer Satisfaction Index), Samsung Securities proves that its distinguished customer service capability is indeed a competitive advantage. Samsung Securities is a leading Korean financial investment company that provides a wide range of financial services from brokerage, wealth management and investment advisory services to corporate finance and trading.

Unmatched Leader in Wealth Management

Since we changed our business model to wealth management-centered one in 2003, we have been keen on expanding client base and reinforcing capabilities in personnel, systems, products and services. As a result, we currently enjoy unmatched market power in retail business with the largest client base and the largest sales commissions on financial products.

The absolute number one securities company in Korea

Capitalizing on our market leadership and focused capabilities, we will move forward more vigorously. We will jump up to be the absolute number one securities company in Korea by strengthening capabilities in all segments of business.