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2016 ~ 2019


  • 1month08 Ranked No.1 in the 2018 evaluation of fund companies conducted by
    Korea Financial Investor Protection Foundation
  • 1month21 Proclaimed 'Overseas Investment Era 2.0' to lead the globalization of
    domestic asset management services
  • 3month25 SNI service expanded to all branches
    * The concept of SNI broadened from 'Branch for HNW individuals' to 'Asset management brand for HNW individuals'


  • 3month20 Introduced Korea' s first multi-currency margin account service
  • 4month06 Dividend error
  • 7month13 Acquired stake in Dunkirk LNG terminal (France)
  • 7month17 Signed MOU with Societe Generale(France)
  • 10month16 Held conference for domestic investors interested in foreign equities,
    along with our overseas partners-RBC Dominion Securities (Canada),
    Societe Generale (France), Citic Securities (China), and SMBC Nikko Securities (Japan)


  • 3month02 Comprehensive business tie formed with Hochimin Securities Co.
    of Vietnam
  • 8month01 Comprehensive business tie formed with SMBC Nikko Securities
  • 9month05 Rated as outstanding in all categories of the 2016 Financial Consumer
    Protection Fact-finding Survey
  • 11month09 Held '2017 Asia Investment Conference' in link with overseas partner
    securities companies


  • 1month11 Online asset management platform, "SmartAdvisor", launched
  • 7month28 Comprehensive business tie formed with KGI Securities of Taiwan
  • 9month05 All-in-one asset management MTS, "New mPOP", launched
  • 9month09 Made the DJSI World list, for 7th year in a row
  • 12month23 Three large-scale financial centers opened offering total asset
          management solutions
  • 12month26 Relocated to the Samsung Electronics Building in Seocho, Seoul

2011 ~ 2015


  • 1month27 The Consumer Protection Chapter announced.
  • 2month03 Comprehensive business tie established with Woori Bank.
  • 3month09 Tie with CITIC of China upgraded to the strategic level
         (followed by detailed measures for business co-operation)
  • 7month06 POP UMA exceeds KRW 2 trillion.
  • 9month10 Included in the DJSI World for sixth year.


  • 1month09 Customer-oriented product recommendation system adopted.
  • 2month13 Research ties with Lombard Street Research and BCA Research.
  • 7month04 "POP UMA", a pay-per-result-based wrap service, launched.
  • 9month14 Included in the DJSI World, for fifth year in a row.
  • 10month16 Partnership tie with Newberger Berman, a global asset management


  • 114 Samsung Securities Value Statement proclamation ceremony
  • 520 Commenced IT and next generation systems at the caliber of premium       international financial corporations
  • 902 Listed in DJSI WORLD (Dow Jones Sustainability Index) 4 years in a row
  • 1220 2014, Designated as the year of establishment of
          a client-oriented management system,
          declared mandate of banishing five major weaknesses


  • 201 Successfully constructed and subscribed to ANKOR Oilfield Funds
  • 913 Listed in DJSI WORLD (Dow Jones Sustainability Index) 3 years in a row


  • 120 Concluded MOU with China AMC (Huaxia Fund, China's largest fund
          management company)
  • 418 Declared Customer Satisfaction Innovation (Sympathy 36.5 Campaign)
          at Samsung Securities
  • 908 First Korean securities company to be listed in DJSI World
          for two consecutive years
  • 1121 Acquired BCM(Business Continuity Management) International

2006 ~ 2010


  • 413 Tokyo regional office's status elevated to branch office
  • 610 Launched UHNW brand and SNI (dedicated offices for VIPs)


  • 506 Proclamation of brand management (slogan: "Create with You")
  • 928 Launched an advanced asset management brand 'POP'
  • 1020 Incorporated into Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) KOREA
  • 1207 Moved headquarters to Samsung HQ Building at Taepyong'ro


  • 721 First in industry to initiate an advanced & customized brokerage service
  • 1016 Strategic alliance in M&A business with Rothschild (U.K.)


  • 321 First in Korea to underwrite inflation-indexed government bonds
          (firm commitment underwriting)
  • 625 Designated as [Korea's Top Private Bank] by Asiamoney Magazine
  • 1019 Announced '2020 Global Top 10 Vision' and Employee Conduct


  • 516 Designated as [Korea's Top Research Company]
          by Institutional Investor Magazine (U.S.)
  • 1211 First place in Korea's Top 3 Customer Satisfaction Index
          (KS-SQI, KCSl, NCSI) among securities companies
  • 1115 Awarded in all (nine) areas of the 2006 Asiamoney Brokers Poll

2001 ~ 2005


  • 427 Launched "FN Honors Club", a PB service brand
  • 508 Concluded a retirement fund consulting contract
          with Nomura Securities Co. Ltd.
  • 1205 Strategic business alliance with China International Trust and
          Investment Corporation (CITIC)


  • 113 Launched SMA(Samsung Cash Management Account)
  • 515 Launched firstannual Global Investor's Conference
  • 615 Announced the "Samsung Securities' WAY"(Customer Satisfaction,
          Ethical Awareness, Professional Spirit, Teamwork)


  • 520 Acquired London Stock Exchange Membership
  • 1022 Launched "Samsung Wrap" account


  • 703 Designated as [Korea's Best Investment Bank]
          by Finance Asia Magazine
  • 1108 Opened China branch office in Shanghai
  • 1216 Moved Samsung Securities Headquarters to Jongro Tower


  • 329 Opened Hong Kong branch office
  • 709 Designated as [Best Equity House] by Euromoney Magazine for
          three consecutive years

1982 ~ 2000


  • 1201 Merged into "Samsung Securities and Trust Investment Inc."


  • 609 Largest call center in Korea


  • 1011 Opened New York branch office
  • 1214 First in Korea to sell mutual funds


  • 701 Opened London branch office


  • 1102 Incorporated into Samsung Group
  • 1125 Changed trade name to "Samsung Securities"


  • 701 Changed trade name to "International Securities", initiated stock
          trading business, opened headquarters and branch in Apgujeong


  • 328 Initial public offering (stock market)


  • 904 (Han'il Financial Investments) Establishment meeting
  • 1019 Inaugural meeting, company registration, 20 billion KRW paid for capital