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Sales & Trading

Sales & Trading

Sales and Trading together perform the following three main roles: 1) proving company-wide structured products based on equities, fixed income securities, derivatives or other underlying assets; 2) conducting proprietary trading to contribute to the capital increase of the Company; and 3) offering institutional and corporate clients and individual customers consulting services on traditional and alternative investment vehicles best suited to their characteristics.

Products Trading

Thoroughly specialized in global finance and uniquely experienced in trading their respective commodities, Product Trading is dedicated to developing optimum products and best financial solutions to the investment objectives of Samsung clients and customers.

  • In particular, Derivatives Trading, unsurpassed in trading experience and systems, prides on its best-in-class ability to trade ELS, ELB, ETN and other structured derivatives. The division also has secured an influential market position in issuing index-linked securities.
  • Also traded by the division are DLBs linked to credit, foreign currencies, raw resources or other various underlying assets.
  • KRW repo and foreign currency repo, a short-term product that pays back the sum invested plus a specified interest rate, are some of the customer needs-based products the division trades using diverse strategies.
  • FX service is offered to customers investing in equities and fixed income securities overseas.

Proprietary Trading

Trading Division contributes to the capital aggrandizement of the Company through stable hedging and proprietary trading.

  • Based on its thorough analysis of domestic and overseas equities, fixed income securities, currencies and commodities, FICC extends its investment reach to the realm of alternative investment to find investment opportunities and to increase capital.

Product marketing and sales

FICC Division not only offers equities, fixed income securities and other traditional products, but also focuses on identifying new investment opportunities among ELB, DLB and other alternative investment funds.

  • Equity-linked products

    By using domestic and overseas index and individual equities as underlying assets, FICC develops products of various risk-return collations and offers them to institutional investors and corporate clients according to their investment objectives.

  • FICC products

    Also offered are balanced portfolios of fixed income securities, funds, derivatives and alternative investments, constructed for retail customers and pensions and other institutional clients interested in countries and asset classes with high growth potential.