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Retail in Korea

In retail business, Samsung Securities offers the industry‘s best wealth management service by thoroughly familiarize customers with global investment options and then allocating their assets overseas according to their investment propensity and objectives.

Wealth Management
WM / SNI / corporate banking branches
  • - Custom wealth management
  • - Global investment
  • - Tax/real estate consulting
  • - Legal/family business succession consulting
Digital Service
[Digital Division]
  • - Customer-oriented digital platform
  • - Big data-based custom service
Retirement Planning
[ Pension Division ]
  • - Total solution for corporate retirement pension
  • - Retirement asset management consulting

Custom Global WM Service

A group of WM specialists offers financial products that can be tailored to customer needs, an in-depth consulting service, and first-hand global investment opportunities.

Custom Global WM Service
Custom Global WM Service
Market condition, investment strategy
Global financial market analysis and overall investment strategy
‘Big Story’ for financial product analysis and long-term investment
One-stop service aspiring to the personal financier
Tax & Accounting
Global life Int’l (US) tax consulting
Tax reduction on capital gains
Family business succession and other CEO-exclusive services
Real Estate
Real estate investment analysis
Real estate investment consulting and asset management
Real estate asset revaluation
IPO and M&A advice
Bestowal and bequest advice
Seminar support on corporate finance and corporate law

Safe and easy-to-use digital service

A digital service is offered that is easy to use owing to its intuitive interface (UI), most advanced in security, and based on big data analysis.

Safe and easy-to-use digital service
Safe and easy-to-use digital service
a mobile app convenient and easy to use
a home trading system tailored to total wealth management and financial trading
Samsung Securities’ website offering investment information and wealth management services

Retirement planning for happy golden life

Offering optimized pension solutions to customers planning a financially secured retirement, focusing on their present financial situations and future cash flows

Retirement planning for happy golden life
Retirement planning for happy golden life
Pension Consulting

Plan Consulting

  • 1. DB plan consulting
  • 2. DC & IRP plans consulting
  • 3. Hybrid plan consulting
  • 4. Pension consulting specialist group
  • 5. Plan consulting process
Retirement Consulting
  • 1. 1-to-1 retirement asset total planning
  • 2. Individual pension plan consulting