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Wholesale Division pursues the increase of customer returns through outstanding marketing and research approaches, offering diverse alternative investment tools, including derivatives, as well as equities, to institutional investors and corporate clients at home and abroad.


For domestic and overseas institutional investors investing in Korean corporations, the Division offers insightful research data on KRX-listed stocks; for domestic investors of overseas stocks, real-time trading information is made available through the night trading desk; and overseas investors in general can access research and trading data by contacting the trading team at the HQ and the overseas subsidiaries in Hong Kong, New York and London.

Also available to domestic and overseas institutional investors are corporate access, best efforts execution, systematic trading and other services, all designed to help the investors make and execute, in a timely fashion, investment decisions that pay off handsomely.

The HQ's trading team, composed of the industry's top talents, can assure an optimal trade execution performance in all market developments.

Equity-Linked Products

Brokering futures options on stocks and stock indices, ETP and other derivatives linked to KRX-listed equities, Wholesale Division has developed its own DMA system in the pursuit of an optimum trading environment.

In addition to offering diverse arbitrage services, the division performs the roles of ETF-authorized participants (AP) and liquidity providers (LP). Moreover, having developed an algorithm trading system, the division seeks to establish an environment that can accommodate diverse investment strategies.