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CPC Strategy Business


CPC (customer-product-channel) Strategic Business, pursuing the industry‘ s best wealth management service, offers best possible products and optimum portfolios based on a thorough analysis of customer needs and markets.

Developing breed-apart products to customer needs

By offering domestic and overseas asset investment vehicles cherry-picked using global product sourcing networks, Samsung Securities seeks to become a wealth management partner customers can entrust with their assets.

Suggesting alternative investment vehicles through portfolio strategy formulation

By developing portfolios most suitable to the investment objectives of individual customers and institutional clients, Samsung Securities offers alternative investment solutions to their unique investment objectives-a customer-first approach that sets apart Samsung Securities from its peers.

Offering services each optimized to the characteristics of the channel

Samsung Securities keeps the quality of its services high by developing optimum investment products and portfolios to the ever-changing financial environment as well as to the unique characteristics of channels, including branch, online, mobile services.